Terms of Service


The term "UNLIMITED" is used to describe the amount of resources in the web hosting plans provided by RymHosting, which is not set to a predefined limit value (for example - unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails or other unlimited resources). By not setting limits on key resources, we are able to offer our customers a simple, consistent pricing scheme as their websites demand more and more resources. As a result, a typical website may experience periods of great popularity and a resulting increased storage need without experiencing any associated increase in hosting charges.

In all cases, when a service is listed as "Unlimited", it is intended for normal web hosting usage only - all activities, which may result in excessive resource usage inconsistent with regular usage patterns, are prohibited.

Our Unlimited service offers are not designed to allow a single user to influence the overall server performance. RymHosting will make every effort to provide its customers with additional resources whenever possible, including the relocation of a customer's hosting account to a newer, faster server. However, if the resource usage reaches a level where it may influence the overall server performance in a negative way, RymHosting reserves the right to take corrective actions. Such actions may include disconnection or discontinuance of any and of all offered services, removal or deletion of customers' websites, website content, electronic mail, or termination of a customer's account according to RymHosting sole and absolute discretion.

2. Services

.1 At the time of initial registration, You will select from the list of available Services the service plan(s) to which You wish to subscribe. All subscriptions to Services are subject to formal acceptance by RymHosting.

Your subscription to the Services will be deemed accepted by RymHosting when RymHosting delivers a confirmation of the subscription to You. RymHosting reserves the right to refuse to provide You with any Service for any reason. Notwithstanding Our Uptime Guarantee found in Section 4 of this Agreement, RymHosting also reserves the right to interrupt access to the Services to perform regular and emergency maintenance as needed.

You may order additional Services at any time, provided that You agree to pay the then-current fees for such additional Services. All additional Services shall be considered "Services" hereunder. All Services provided are subject to availability and to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement..


13.1 You agree to comply with RymHosting's Anti-Spam Policy and which is hereby incorporated by reference as an indispensable part of this Agreement. Use of Rym Hosting services for any illegal spam activities is strictly prohibited.

13.2 Rym Hosting reserves the right to modify the Anti-Spam Policy at any time by posting the modified policy on its web Site. You agree to monitor Vultr's home page for any changes to the Anti-Spam Policy. Your continued use of the Services after the effective date of any changes to the Anti-Spam Policy constitutes Your manifestation of intent to be bound by such changes.

4. Uptime Gurantee

RymHosting will offer You a Service Level Agreement ("SLA") guaranteeing certain availability of Our Services. If applicable, the terms of any such SLA were separately negotiated between You and Us, and such SLA, if any, is hereby incorporated by reference as an indispensable part of this Agreement.

To be eligible for any credits to Your account, You must follow the specific procedures set forth in the SLA for notifying Us of Your desire for credits. You understand and agree that the failure to follow the procedure in the SLA within three (3) days of the triggering event will result in Your waiver of any right to receive credits.

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